django-public-project - Documentation

Django Public Project (DPP) is a specialised content management system written in Python/Django for building an information website around big projects. It is open source (BSD licence) and can be used by civic groups to monitor the progress of publicly funded projects but also from within governmental institutions itself to bring transparency in the proceeding of a project, inform the interested public about what is going on and thus enhance the acceptance of the project by the different stakeholders.

Use Cases

This software was first used by the pirate party in the parliament of Berlin to monitor the progress of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport project, see to get an impression of the software (sorry, german).

Other possible use cases are:

  • Construction/Infrastructure Projects
  • IT/Software Projects
  • Environmental Projects
  • Law Making Processes


DPP provides an admin interface for entering/updating:

  • A general project description
  • The goals of a project
  • The project structure
  • A timeline of events
  • The various actors and stakehoders
  • Project documents
  • Questions around the project
  • Web sources wherever possible

On the frontend side, it lays out the project data in a clearly represented way, interlinks between the different project elements and provides:

  • A dashboard on the main page bringing together the most relevant, current information
  • Universal search
  • A document viewer for pdfs
  • User comments interlinking different project elements
  • Relevant tag clouds for document content
  • Supported languages: English (beta), German

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